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Leïti Sene


Leïti Sene is a multidisciplinary Catalan-Senegalese artist. Born in Barcelona in 1998.

He started his career in the performing arts at the age of 10, when he made his debut as a contemporary dancer. Some years later, Leïti immersed himself in the Barcelona underground hip hop scene and created the SamxSen collective, together with his cousin Sam Davies, with whom they launched two EPs.

Then comes Joël, his solo debut, in which a more mature sound can be appreciated, a fact that reflects both his personal growth and his musical career. This is followed by Galarina, Mmm Tkm and his first mixtape "Tatimu".

His talent led him to record two seasons of the Catalan series "Benvinguts a la familia" in 2017 and in 2019 he joined the cast of the hit Netflix series "Elite" as one of the main characters.

When we talk about Leïti and his philosophy of life, we are talking about an enthusiasm to create, from which Cutemobb, the collective founded by the artist, is born, made up by new generations of creatives.

After founding his own label and breaking records with the collective's first album "Cute Tapes", the rapper came back in May 2021 with a much more consolidated work, "T-REX", a new track in which he explores the world of fame he has just entered and his constant travels.

Last July, Leïti released "JÖM", his new collaborative mixtape in which he makes an exercise of introspection to reconnect with the values of his Senegalese roots.